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Payette resigns after report found toxic work environment at Rideau Hall

By Sheila Copps       

The Governor General’s appointment, while generally time-limited, is always 'at pleasure,' which means the office-holder can be let go at any time. After Julie Payette stepped aside, the prime minister quickly replaced her with acting Governor General in the person of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Richard Wagner.

Faced with irrefutable evidence of harassment, Julie Payette moved quickly to step down as Canada's Governor General on Jan. 21, 2021, which was the right thing to do, writes Sheila Copps. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

OTTAWA—To sack or not to sack, that is the question.

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Poilievre and Brown ‘playing with dynamite’ in divisive Conservative leadership election, say politicos

News|By Abbas Rana
The Conservative leadership election is a contest between the Mulroney and Harper visions of the party, says Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker.

Increased military presence in the North could provide much-needed infrastructure to the region: MPs, experts

News|By Chelsea Nash
Northern MPs open to increased military presence in the Arctic to protect the region’s sovereignty against Russia, but stress the importance of community consultation.

Lack of leadership to unite Canadians could bring in American-style divisive politics in Canada, warn political insiders

News|By Abbas Rana
More ‘emphatic’ expression of political opinions from extreme left and extreme right is a function of modern communication through social media, says Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker.

Veteran political journalist Paul Wells opens up about why he left Maclean’s magazine

News|By Mike Lapointe
Maclean’s magazine, which has been in publication since 1905, has seen the departure of associate editor Marie-Danielle Smith, editor-in-chief Alison Uncles, and senior writer Paul Wells in recent weeks.

Russia expert urges Western authorities to look beyond financial facilitators and into reputation management

Prof. Alexander Cooley says Western firms recast kleptocrats as patrons of the arts and global philanthropists.

Emergencies Act’s use to quell trucker-convoy protests no threat to civil liberties, says law’s architect

Now, the work of a parliamentary review committee and inquiry should be towards the goal of eliminating the need to invoke the act in comparable circumstances in the future, says former defence minister Perrin Beatty.

Ukraine has the spotlight, but U.S. still dominates for the top 50 influencing Canada’s foreign policy

Lists|By Neil Moss
Insiders and observers weigh in on whose voice holds the most weight for Canadian foreign policy decisions.

Indigenous ownership could draw Trans Mountain backers, says coalition director, but opponents warn of big financial risk

Three Indigenous-affiliated coalitions are still interested in purchasing the billion-dollar pipeline, but critics say 20-year contracts protect oil companies, not the pipeline owner.

‘My goal was ultimately not to cry’: MPs, Senators grip ties to Ukraine as war wages on

News|By Alice Chen
Whether due to personal or constituency connections to Ukraine, Parliamentarians say they have found themselves carrying an emotional weight as the Russian invasion of the country continues.
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